Because of a strong commitment to follow biblical principles and priorities, FBC has a number of clear distinctives that result in global and local impact:

  1. Expositional Preaching – A consistent commitment to expository preaching provides a foundation for all that happens at FBC. The congregation has a deep hunger for the Word of God, greatly desiring to understand and apply biblical truth.
  2. God-Centered Worship – Leading believers in a God-centered worship experience is a weekly priority at FBC. With an emphasis on involvement and participation, the Lord is lifted up through blended styles of music
  3. Growth Groups – Weekly home gatherings are the primary infrastructure for spiritual care at FBC. Approximately sixty of these weekly groups gather weekly throughout the Spokane region for applied Bible Study, sharing and fellowship.
  4. Heart for the Lost – Strategically located in the center of Spokane, FBC has consistently focused on reaching out to the lost. Through outreach into the surrounding neighborhood and by church members evangelizing their sphere of influence, lost people continue to come to Christ.
  5. Family Focus – Being a church with many young families, FBC places a strong emphasis on equipping parents to raise godly children. The Bible-centered curriculum written “in house” is directly linked to the adult Bible studies lessons and is age-appropriate for maximum impact.
  6. Student Ministries – With over 37% of Spokane’s population under the age of 25, student ministries are a high priority at FBC. These ministries seek to effectively reach out to lost young people while at the same time maturing and discipling students who are believers.
  7. Team Leadership – FBC has a strong leadership team that carries the ministry responsibilities of the church. The elders provide directional oversight as well as shepherding care, with each elder having a “portion of the flock.” The pastoral staff team is highly motivated. They set the vision and implement specific ministry directions.
  8. Global Impact – Much of FBC’s impact is spread across the globe through a family of faithful missionaries and a variety of other strategic opportunities. FBC is also directly involved with several international church planting opportunities and facilitates a number of one-year Bible Institutes in Russia.
  9. Equipping – Equipping the saints for the work of the ministry is a high priority at FBC. Faith Bible Church offers classes and seminars at all levels. FBC desires to equip qualified men to be vocational ministers (pastors or missionaries).
  10. Strategic Location – God has blessed FBC with a strategic location in the center of Spokane. The contemporary, multi-use facility is well suited to ministry needs.